Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Maybe you have a new puppy that made a mess on the carpet, or someone in your household has allergies and you want to remove as many allergens as possible from the home. Maybe it's time to clean your carpet to comply with a warranty condition. Whatever your reason, you can rest easy when you call Tulip Carpet Cleaning Arnold. We're trusted by both residential and commercial customers alike to give you the fresh, bright carpeting you've been looking for. Our professional technicians have the experience and the know-how to evaluate what your carpet's made of and to use the best cleaning method for your particular carpet and its level of soil.

Our Methods

Steam cleaning (also called hot water extraction)

Our preferred carpet cleaning method, because it's the most effective. Using a powerful truck mount steam cleaner, we use a safe, non-toxic cleaning solution to loosen the soil and stains, and then flush it out with hot water which is simultaneously extracted along with the dirt for a quick-drying process. Because the water is hot, the carpet is left clean from top to bottom, without detergent residue that can lead to faster re-soiling.

Deep cleaning

Intensive cleaning for the dirtiest carpets, combining pre-treatments, hot water extraction, sanitizing and deodorizing.

Dry cleaning

Chemical -free absorbent dry compound that is removed with a vacuum cleaner, leaving your carpet completely dry.


Bonnet Cleaning

A low moisture carpet cleaning method using a rotary cleaner with an absorbent pad (bonnet).


A low moisture method. Foam is gently agitated into the carpeting. Once the foam dries, it is simply vacuumed away, along with the dirt.


Gentle fragrant shampoos are worked through the carpeting, removing dirt and refreshing your carpeting.

Protecting Your Carpet

Follow-up your carpet cleaning by a carpet protector application for increased stain-resistance. Carpet protector is great for households with children or house pets, and the products we use are completely safe for them.

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